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Part Number Confusion :/

benben5555 Apr 8, 2014

  1. benben5555

    benben5555 New Member


    I'm trying to get some parts for my crash damaged A3. I went to Audi to get quotes, and part numbers! Now I have all the part numbers I've been searching ebay and have found items very similar to what I want but the part numbers vary slightly. For example, I need crash bar bracket 8P0 807 134 A, on ebay I've found 8P3 807 134 A. It looks the same, but will it fit? What does the first bit of the part number relate to?

    Also I need parking sensor 1S0 919 275 A, on ebay I've found 1S0 919 275, does the A not being there matter?

  2. MrHSingh

    MrHSingh Member

    try this site mate: AUDI Car Parts

    you can put the part number in the search bar and it should bring up any alternative part numbers also

    hope this helps!


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