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Part no's required for retro fit

A4 nut Jan 8, 2010

  1. A4 nut

    A4 nut Member

    Hi im after the part no's for the climate control unit with heated seats this is to fit with the RNS-e it is for an 8h cab. i want the unit that fit straight above the ash tray is this a slimmer one? as the center console tapers in, also i have noticed that this unit is set back in pictures ive seen! a new cradle is needed any pt no's for this hope fully this will do away with the nasty flip up storage that you cant fit sun glasses in and move the switches above the RNS-e i think this is a b7 setup any clues? so what im after is all pt no's for what you think ill need i have parts lined up but just need to no there ok. also is it single or double din for the climate unit? the last thing is are there any pictures of this or similar.
  2. jisumfish

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