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Part no Req Please

S3RYE Jul 28, 2010

  1. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    Hi Guys,

    Was hoovering the girl out yesterday and when doing near the handbrake the hoover sucked out the little black rubber rectangle piece (just next to the lighter) best i can explain :scared2: so i threw it into the shop doorway.. and i forgot to put it back in..

    anyway the cleaner came in last night and seems to have thrown it away.. cant find it anywhere..

    any help?? before i have to drive all the way to Audi to show them as i dont fancy explaining the part over the phone...

    Cheers guys. :sorry:
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Part is described as ' insert for stowage compartment'

    Number is :- 8P0 863 301 ( 4PK Black )

    Extortionate price is £1.42 !!!!!!!!
  3. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    thanks a million mike...

    thats a joke.. Cleaners gonna have to have her wages docked i think.. :laugh:

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