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Part No for Main Rear Seal on Gearbox (Quattro)

davkav Sep 24, 2009

  1. davkav

    davkav Member

    Hey Guys

    Quick one.
    Ill be doing my clutch on Saturday and last time when I was fitting my exhaust I noticed some leakage from where the prop shaft exits the tranny.

    Can someone confirm if this is the correct part / number i need for the seal. b 02x 409 400 a
    Are there any other seals etc. that would be good idea to change whilst I have the trans out?

    its a 2004 1.8T Quattro Manual.

    Also what would be the best oil to use for the tranny, OEM or Aftermarket and does the rear diff use the same oil.

    Thanks in advance
  2. audi avant

    audi avant New Member

    did you get your seal done did you come across any problems getting the tailshaft out back of the gear box ? how did it come out ? thanks
  3. davkav

    davkav Member

    Hey, to be honest I never actually got around to it. I cleaned up around the rear of the gearbox and it doesn't seem to be leaking. I'm not sure if it even was leaking to begin with. It could have just been some other fluid spilt on to it.

    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.


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