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part code help

deanski Aug 10, 2011

  1. deanski

    deanski wax on, wax off

    Not for an A4 but for an 04 plate A8 (apologies for the wrong section but the A8 section doesnt get much attention). The codes I need are for the motor for the in dash screen, and any codes available for the electronic hand brake. A colleague of mine is having trouble with his car and the warranty company won't entertain him without part codes! thanks in advance.
  2. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    Do not know my way around an A8 but did have a quick look on ETKA.

    There are 4 screen versions grouped by finish being standard or Aluminium and then VIN dependent.
    However, there is only one Screen mounting unit which I guess is motorised - there is no other indication of other parts in illustration 919-00.

    4E0 919 603 E (PR-GS0: Std Finish / also use >>4E-3-003846 = 4E0 898 173A)
    4E0 919 603 EX (PR-GS0: std Finish / to be used for 4E0 919 603 C & 4E0 919 603E)
    4E0 919 603 F (PR-GS1: Aluminium Finish / also use >> 4E-3-003003846 = 4E0 898 173 A)
    4E0 919 603 FX (PR-GS1: Aluminium Finish / to be used for 4E0 919 603 D & 4E0 919 603 F)

    Mounting Display Unit:
    (illustration 857-10)
    4E0 857 273 E
    as of 01/01/2008 use 4E0 857 273 F

    No motor indicated anywhere on the respective pages with MMI screen.

    Hope this helps.

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