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Parrot Hands Free

imported_GezzerS4 Sep 10, 2004

  1. Has anybody had any experience with fitting a Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Hands free to a Bose equipped car, Had one in I my non Bose 2.8Q, not a problem with radio mute and routing sound through front door speakers, but am told that fitting it to Bose set-up is a no-no, and will need separate speaker etc etc..


  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    its all rubbish - the bose unit has the same telephone in line and mute as all the non-bose units.

    as long as your parrot output uses a line adapter to go into the radio, rather than a relay to switch the speakers over then it will wire up nicely.

    i think on the parrot, the line in adapter unit is an optional extra.
  3. I've tried fitting my Nokia car kit to my Bose system and although the mute works perfectly, if you wire in the speakers the volume goes sky high and can't be adjusted. I can't see where else you would attach the speaker cables from the car kit.

    Mind you I've just cut the speaker cables off the original Nokia speaker and wired them directly to the stereo speakers. This worked on an after market HU but not the Bose.
  4. DaveP

    DaveP Member

    I have fitted a Parrot to my BOSE A6 and could not get an output. I didn't try too hard because i had an old speaker that fitted in the cubby hole under the dash.

    siocommunications sells a BOSE lead I think - but I thought ~£45 for the lead was steep when the parrot kit only cost ~£90.

    Thing to remember is that the parrot kit only outputs it's voice/commands/etc on one channel (front right I think, but not sure) - that took quite a while to find. Also some cars don't supply switched live to the head unit so you have to tap off from the fuse box.
  5. Thanks DaveP, I think for the time being I will go the easy way and fit an additional speaker, but will have to wait for the radio code as did not get one supplied with the car, stealers won't supply it without logbook, thats with the DVLA for new registration - too much red tape for my liking.



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