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  1. 10blazin


    Does everyone kinda have a mutual understanding with the nieghbours and everyone seems to get on there front and have there spot , well i came home last week one day and a really old audi a4 estate is right outside my door parked on a serious angle as if it was dumped its truly an eyesoor ..

    Anyhow day 2 goes by 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 damn days the car didnt move i thought what f---ing nieghbour own's this piece of s-it
    anyhow next day its gone to my relief ..

    Anyhow i came out of my house again and it was pulling up some big balding guy got out with what looked like a crackhead hooker ..I thought hold up which house they only dont live on the effin street but on the next street as they shut there gate i mouth the words f---ing c--t to him he probably thought wtf ...

    But does anyone else get what im on about or do i need to chill and leeve my car up the street , and prone to break-in , or do i set his on fire ...lmfao
  2. The Maestro

    The Maestro S3 ~ MTM 330BHP ~ Milltek TBE

    Totally get you: torch his car!

    We live in a village (Burpham, 50 houses max), one 2m road in and out from the main road so our only traffic is only residents and their visitors plus those visiting the local posh-pub-restaurant. Our neighbour (and if you're reading this then yes it;s me, only one of us here with a white S3 MTM) has a weekly visitor with a beaten-up volvo estate and likewise is a fat balding guy with an array of 'young' female passengers who smoke before going into our neighbours house, and comes out numerous times during visits, and strew noticable quantities of fag-buts in our lane.

    This guy doesn't just park outside our neighbours house, he manages to position his bumper flush with my gate-post. We have one of those wide field-gate types of gate. So getting into our drive requires a full lock entry, one reverse and then in. A-hole, why; why; why; when he has at least 20' behind him away from our gate and the neighbour's drive (which has 1 off road parking space).

    I mentioned it to my neighbour, he said he'd have a word, but no, nada changes. So 2 weeks ago I saw Mr. Volvo arrive as I was coming back home and I said, "any chance you could park back a bit?" Well, you'd think I'd hit his girlfriend the way he kicked off. So I said, "whoa whoa fella, just asking politely, no need for all this fuss." he proceeded to tell me to F-off, lol. I was gob-smacked and said, "cool, ok, continue to park their at our own risk."

    My neighbour apologised the next day, made a point of coming round, not that it staved my unhealthy drive for vengeance. I think something may well happen to his car, accidentally somewhere.
  3. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    Vindaloo curry powder down the airvent, little bits at a time, wrapped in small bits of bog paper so it disolves when it gets wet, miles away from your place and days later, err, allegedly :notme:

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