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Parking sensor front failed

wobblewoo Apr 24, 2013

  1. wobblewoo

    wobblewoo New Member

    If i put the car in reverse (engine off) and listen to the sensors, the front mid left sensor is silent. I get a solid beep in the car which i guess indicates theres an issue but every now and then it works.

    My question is do i just buy and fit a new sensor or is it worth checking any wiring first?

    Heres the relevant scan result.

    Thanks for your time.


    Address 76: Park Assist Labels: 8E0-919-283-8EC.lbl

    Part No SW: 8E0 919 283 E HW: 8E0 919 283 E
    Component: Parkhilfe 8-Kan H06 0010
    Revision: 00H06000 Serial number: 00067802120619
    Coding: 0001124
    Shop #: WSC 00672 785 00200
    VCID: 32616B6CAE347EE
    1 Fault Found:
    01628 - Sensor for Parking-Aid; Front Mid-Left (G254)
    009 - Open or Short to Ground
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01101001
    Fault Priority: 3
    Fault Frequency: 13
    Reset counter: 240
    Time Indication: 0
  2. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    By all means check the wiring though this will be very unlikely. Sensors aren't cheap mind ~£82 each!

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