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Parking Aid/Assist problem

VeVeX Apr 5, 2008

  1. VeVeX

    VeVeX Member

    I have a 01 S3 that I bought just before Christmas.

    It has the parking sensors in the rear bumper, the beeper in left of the boot and the control module in the right of the boot. Ive also checked the option data from the service book and it is listed as having it from factory.

    The sensors have never worked since I bought the car and I had a bit of time today to look into it. Its not that I need the sensors i'd just like to know why their not working.

    The main issue is - Vag-Com will not connect to the Park Assist module #76. It just says that the module is not available. The #5 fuse that is used for the assist is in working order etc.

    Does anyone have an idea what it could be or does it more then likely sound like a wiring issue?
  2. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    Could have been disconnected by a previous owner as it may have pissed them off??

    All i can suggest is check all connections are in place, not sure what triggers the park assist, could be a feed from the reversing lights in the boot, maybe this has been cut?

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