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Panic Stations

squashmanontour Jul 21, 2013

  1. squashmanontour

    squashmanontour Member

    Hi All,

    Been monitoring the banter on the forum since ordering my replacement A3 SB back in late April. Soon became depressed though when reading the various comments about how long the deliveries were taking for your various vehicles.
    Anyway a couple of weeks after order placement my dealer contacted me with a build week of wk 33:sadlike:. This was put in the diary and I had planned to keep you up to date so that hopefully Sandra could put together another wonderfull play list for the countdown.
    Things though didn't go quite to plan and due to various commitments I've not been in regular contact with my dealer, until last Saturday when he finally tracked me down to ask me when I would be ready to collect my new car!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Panic Stations.
    As the car is 4 weeks early and I still have private reg transfer to sort out etc I've decided to go for an Aug 1st delivery (I decided that as the car is on private plates then waiting for Sep 1st wasn't as important as getting behind the wheel of the SB:drool:)
    So, as we don't seem to have had to many Glacier white pics uploaded recently I'll hopefully see what I can do to rectify the situation come Aug 1st.
  2. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    Nice :) what a great surprise. I was given build week 38 called them yesterday and it had jumped 7 weeks to week 31 :D

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  3. First Ever Audi

    First Ever Audi Active Member

    you will love the Glacier....the sun makes the fleck sparkle and even when it's dull, the white is incredible....i have pics but not very good, hopefully when I've washed all the bugs off! bet you can't wait!
  4. squashmanontour

    squashmanontour Member

    This is my first 'white' car. I'm so used to Red (current A3), Silver, Grey and Blue that I didn't really have much option as I wanted something different this time.
    I've seen a couple of A3's now in Glacier but none so far with the Black roof rails and F38 Alloys so I cannot wait.

    Has anyone else seen this combination?

    Anyway, only 10 days left and the clock is ticking.
  5. squashmanontour

    squashmanontour Member

    Just to keep you up to date.
    Even though the cars not mine yet, it has now been fitted with a tracker (company policy) so I now know exactly where it is and can check on its location each night before going to bed.
    Sad case I know, but at least I'll know if anyone at the stealers is taking MY pride and joy out for a spin before I get my hands on it.
    Only 7 days to go and counting.

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