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Pair of used RS4 B7 bi-xenon headlights – ADAPTIVE (orange indicators)

ReSpect_4 Jan 23, 2013

  1. ReSpect_4

    ReSpect_4 New Member

    Pair of used RS4 B7 bi-xenon headlights – ADAPTIVE (orange indicators)

    n/s, full working order - PART No. 8E0 941 003 AG

    o/s, fault with levelling function - PART No. 8E0 941 004 AG

    These have come off a 50k mile 2006 RS4 B7 in good condition but have some small marks on lenses as you would expect from normal driving on a car of this age. No cracks/scrapes.

    All clips and tabs for installing are present and correct.

    DO NOT come with BALLASTS or XENON bulbs, do come with DRL/side/indicator bulbs, covers and bulb holders

    These were replaced with later ‘clear indicator’ units on the vehicle.

    It was discovered the o/s (faulty) unit did not level, this was traced back to the headlight unit itself and hence the replacement.

    o/s headlight - THE FAULT:

    Testing with VCDS, the levelling motor can be heard running but the levelling feature does not function (i.e. the beam alignment does not alter vertically). Adaptive function works fully.

    No fault codes are thrown up as I guess the control module thinks it’s working OK

    The light unit functions fully except for this fault.

    We have had a look at the and cannot find the problem, but guessing the levelling motor is at fault, no movement can be seen of it as space is very limited within the unit.

    So these are being sold as a pair with a known fault on the o/s unit as described.

    If you are carrying out a xenon conversion on your car please ensure that you are aware what is involved and the legal requirements before considering purchasing, also the other parts that will be required to complete the swap.

    Please ensure these are correct items for your car (part No. at top)

    Asking price is £220 for the pair, taking into consideration the fault.

    Collection preferred but will gladly help with courier collection as the original packaging of the new lights is still available.
  2. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    So out of interest does the orange indicator imply they are adaptive, whereas if they were clear they aren't adaptive or have been modded?
  3. ReSpect_4

    ReSpect_4 New Member

    No it doesn't, there are clear indicator versions on the later models which can also be adaptive. Some people 'de-tango' the orange lenses (open up the unit and remove the orange lense) to make them look like the later ones (more modern).

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