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Paintwork a little flat....first time detailing advise and steps needed

blanc May 16, 2011

  1. blanc

    blanc Member

    Hi All

    I picked up a black 03 A4 avant, the paint work which seems a little flat.

    I have used a t cut, a black t cut and then a finishing polish by hand. It has improved the colour slightly but not much and tips, hints etc?

    I have just purchased one of these,


    What polishing compound do you guys recommend to get rid of light swirl marks and scratches etc?
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  2. blanc

    blanc Member

    Some photos of before I bought it and after its first few hours polish (hand)


    After first proper hand polish using tcut and a finishing product


  3. blanc

    blanc Member

    all suggestions welcome...
  4. drmole

    drmole Well-Known Member

    if ur doing ur work by hand its not gonna gunna look perfect in one hit it took me a good few months to get some depth to the paint
    personally i wouldnt put t cut hate the stuff the product i use are zymol shampoo meg or 3m clay with detailer (only clay twice a year) dodo lime prime lite then duragloss 101 clar coat polish to give the wet look then finish with dodo super natural then maintain by correct washing method two buckets lamb wool mitt etc and dry with micro fibre drying towels. however there are still some swirls in the paint which will require some machine work id recomend etting ur machined first is the paint is pretty flat then maintain it correctly and you should see some good results.

    heres how mine looks after many months of hand care not perfect but pretty good
  5. blanc

    blanc Member

    Car looks great, well done. Hoping to get the polisher shortly, what polish do you guys recommend to use?
  6. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    1 thing to remember DO NOT USE T CUT...
  7. drmole

    drmole Well-Known Member

    polish i entirly ur choice depends wa type of look ur after i went for the wet look as think it make phantom black look awrsome try a few websibe and shop around on like clean ur car or elite car care monza read up on a few and see wa take ur fancy its also dependant on budget but if ur running a 4.2 v8 ur budget should be fine lol you also have a look on here at other phantom black cars n see wa prosess polish they used if ur happy with the results they had
    get some more pics up when u had another go n keep us posted
  8. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Regional Rep Site Sponsor Gold Supporter Audi A3 Team Brill Red

    i second that nasty nasty stuff , there are so many products on the market these days its hard to choose but i would defo finish it with a quality wax like darren used on his a4 dodo juice is great stuff i use it myself on my car , meguairs stuff is very good also
  9. S4twiggy

    S4twiggy Fully Certified Detailer!!

    id recommend doing the routine of washing the car properly first. its all about the prep work mate. firstly get the paint as clean as it can be. use a APC to remove and break down contaminents. wash the car i.e 2 bucket method.

    use tardis or similar product to remove most of the tar, road grime etc and then use iron x which breaks down the chemicals which tardis cant do and then wash off and then clay the entire car. make sure you get everything off the paintwork as it all helps to bring clarity into the cars paint.

    once clayed i would opt for a paint cleanser like dodo lime prime, apply to car and remove via instructions. this will help leave the paint in a nice clean state ready for future products. for black i would opt for poorboys black hole as this gives a nice deep finish to the cars paint(leave on for an hour for a deeper finish) but it is a wipe on wipe off product and you can do 2 coats if you wish but no need.

    once buffed off you can apply either a wax or a sealant. dodo blue velvet or purple haze will be good for your car in a good price range. chemical guys blacklight sealant will be another good choice to for your car, it has nano technology so bonds to your cars surface and will protect the paint for a long time. you can leave for 15-30 mins each coat and just put around maximum of 3 coats on then you know you have good protection.

    you havent got to use the products i have just mentioned as there are lots out there but i find these products work well on black/dark cars when doing things by hand
  10. Syvo


    dodo juice lime prime then a coat of poorboys sp sealent
  11. moag

    moag she's no d-turbo

    It'll need a good de-contamination - tar remover, iron X etc
    Then polish - I use poorboys on mine but a lot of the guys use menzerna polishes with good results
    Refine with poorboys black hole
    Then finish with a quality wax/ sealant. I highly recommend valentines waxes, great product

    As above, a good finish is all in the prep. Be prepared to spent a least a day to get the paintwork sorted!
  12. blanc

    blanc Member

    Thanks for the advise, I have some autoglym paint renavator and sealent plus some polish just for black cars. What are the autoglym polishes like? Will they remove swirls etc.
  13. cuprajake

    cuprajake Member

    depends how confident you are to use the machine,

    i was showing this to a customer yesterday who saw me machine polishing a car, said that he was going to buy a dual action polisher to use as its 'safer' than an orbital or rotary like you linked above, i told him it was nonsence and more of a money making gimmik,

    basically i got my hardest pad and my harshest compound and then got an old panel to show him,

    first test was on the flat of the panel, factory paint, my rotary starts at 10 and goes to 25 slowest is about 700rpm, i then jacked it up full speed and pressed it down hard into the paint for 30 seconds, and it didnt burn through, i then did the same on the edge this took 15 seconds of hard constant pressure to burn through...now given i was at 25 and we go no higher than 15 it shows you how safe the rotary is,

    so now your happy to use one, what do you use?

    well most of the pros use 3m perfect it range,

    fast cut plus -green top combined with green pad
    fine polish yellow top with yellow pad
    ultrafina blue top with blue pad iirc or yellow

    these followed by a good wax, autoglym hd is around £25 and very good for the money, this lot will set you back about 60 plus polisher and will do around 10 cars,

    thats my choice and can turn paint like this:



    into paint like this:




  14. blanc

    blanc Member

    is the autoglym stuff ok to use
  15. cuprajake

    cuprajake Member

    for me, autoglym hd wax, for its price compete very well, esp against waxes twice its price
  16. uthedude

    uthedude New Member

    Hello mate from car paint warehouse (Car refinishing suppliers)
    alot of this (Autoglym) (Meguiers) etc... is very retail
    your best option is to look for a motor factor in your area.
    you will need to purchase Farecla G6 Rapide or 3m fast cut + (which is becoming hard to get hold of with the japan disaster) dont ask why not a clue this will cut back a very thin layer of the paint work to bring the gloss retention back up. (DO NOT DO THIS TO OFTEN OBVIOUS REASONS YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE NO PAINT LEFT ON THE CAR)
    you will also need a hard white mop head to go on your polisher 14mm is standard size.


    3m Fast cut plus. 50417 1Kg bottle. | eBay UK

    FARECLA G-MOP standard compounding head 14mm white | eBay UK

    while polishing/mopping a car always keep the mop head flat on the panel and not on a angle and never work to hard on 1 area keep it moving. mop the entire car (HARD WORK!)
    once you cut it back you will then want a fine compound i would recommend farecla g10 (3M's fine compound not up 2 scratch with g10) with a new 14mm white compound mop head
    repeat same process as above.

    you will then want to use a polish with a soft black mop head 14mm
    i would recommend you presta ultra polish hard work but very good
    repeat same process

    Presta Chroma Ultra 1500 Polish

    Now being a black car you will always get swirl marks.
    best swirl remover on the market in PRESTA SWIRL REMOVER (BLUE)
    with a very soft mop head

    Presta Chroma Swirl Remover

    FARECLA G-MOP standard polishing head 14mm black | eBay UK

    this will removes an swirl marks left from the other processes

    then go for a very high quality wax dodo juice very good finish with microfibre cloths

    Dodo Juice Supernatural premium wax 200ml v2 | eBay UK

    hope this helps

    any problems finding this stuff please dont hesistate to contact me at work

    sam Bristol BS4 5QR 0117 3009058 Swindon SN2 8AJ (If you live anywhere near either of these pop into our branch)

    we sell everything bar the dodo juice

    1ltr Farecla G6 Rapide (Around £19.00)
    500ml Farecla G10 (Around £10.00)
    1ltr/948ml Presta Ultra Polish (Around £18.00)
    1ltr/948ml Presta Swirl Remover (Around £20.00)
    White(Hard) Black(Soft) Mop Heads 14mm (Around £6.00 Each)
    Microfibre Cloths (10) (Around £10.00)

    you shouldnt go wring using these products

    YouTube - ‪Farécla G6 Rapid Compounding Tutorial‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Farécla G10 Polishing Tutorial‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Polishing Demonstration with Chroma Ultra Polish‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Buffing Using Presta Swirl Remover‬‏
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  17. cuprajake

    cuprajake Member

    you do really only need three product,

    fastcut -green top
    fine polish - yellow top

    never been a freclair fan myself, always lacked the cut of 3m, 3m actually own meguirs now too
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