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Painting the side mouldings...

SmoothAssault Feb 28, 2008

  1. SmoothAssault

    SmoothAssault Will design for mods

    I was thinking about painting my black side mouldings after seeing the tutorial on audizine link. But from the look of the tutorial this would cause some overspray on the sills visible when the doors were open, making the whole job look bodged. I've got some nice brushed alu. looking sills on my a4 and I'd hate to mess those up with over spray.

    Has anyone here painted their black side bits? What does it look like with the door open, some pics would be great.

    Thanks :icon_thumright:
    Oh yea, and I made myself a new signature:rockwoot:
  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    I think they'd look good. If I had any, I'd have them painted in black metallic pearl, to match my roof.
  3. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    I had mine done,but bought new sill trims to colour code the whole thing properly insted of just what could be seen/sprayed from outside etc
  4. SmoothAssault

    SmoothAssault Will design for mods

    Yea, I want to do the job properly so that even with the doors open there's no nastly silver to black plastic fade.

    Does anyone know if the aluminum sill inserts can be removed? If so I'd just take them out, respray the whole thing then put them back in again. It looks like it could just be a case of heating them up, same as you would for a debadge job. But I have a horible feeling they're actually part of the sill.

  5. 951

    951 Member

    I had mine done at the local body shop and there is a small line on the black plastic trim which if you paint up to it makes them look like s4 sill covers as you cant see the black when the door is shut but is visible once you open the door and doesnt affect the silver trim on the inside !!
  6. SmoothAssault

    SmoothAssault Will design for mods

    Ahhh, I see. I will have a closer look in a minute. If there's a definate line I can mask up to that would be great.


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