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Painting the block

StaceyS3 Jul 17, 2012

  1. StaceyS3

    StaceyS3 Well-Known Member

    Well am nearly at the stage of painting my spare block and wanted to do itbin some form of black enamel or gloss but am unsure of what paint to use?

    Here's a pic of it at the mo


    Although I've spent a lot of time rubbing it down theres still some very thin surface rust in the hard to reach places which was making me lean towards some form of hammerite?

    The other concern is heat as will have the Mani runners hanging down near the block which is making me want to use some high temp like simonz spray or something simular

    Has anyone got any advice on paint or tips with rubbing down and painting a block?

  2. James333

    James333 Member

    I used black hammerite on an 'ACE' 2.0 16v audi block that was around 180bhp, that looked like new after 2 years and a quick wash, no flaking etc. I spent a lot of time degreasing though, I guess there was not as much heat in the bay as on a turboed car but it was fine for the heat the actual engine produced.
  3. StaceyS3

    StaceyS3 Well-Known Member

    Cheers for your reply mate ;)

    Am definately leaning towards hammerite but am still concerned about it's temperature cababilitys as the runners on the Mani could potentially be 900 degrees plus and with the top mount style the runners hang down by the block, is there anyone that can confirm they've used hammerite in an higher temp environment?

  4. s33nyboy12

    s33nyboy12 Well-Known Member Audi RS5 Owners Group Navarra Blue Classic

    VHT. Paint only stuff you can use. I'm a shot blaster and painter by trade. It's called very high temperature paint. Some unto 1200 degrees. I use it at power stations , steel works ect. Many colours available , I have used gloss black, aluminium silver, grey, matt grey , matt black. Not cheap but a job is worth doing well and doing once! Industrial paint supplies would have it.

    Coating systems Ilkeston derby
    Dacrylate paints Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham
    Manor paints various

    Or google it! Cheers Sean

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