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painting of roor - north west?

leshell Jan 15, 2007

  1. leshell

    leshell New Member

    Hi does any one know of a good painworks/ body shop im in nrth wales and willing to travel... it to have my roof and mirrors painted also a kit fitted and painted on my TT ?? thanks guys kerry
  2. a3daveo

    a3daveo Member

    Not sure if he would do the body kit but his quality of work is excellent. Try Carl on the number below:

    Carl Dodman-Edwards
    Rivulet Road Garage, Rivulet Rd, Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 8DT
    Tel: 01978 361550

    He is really good and when I asked mechanics in Wrexham who was the best to go to they all said him. My sister smashed the side of a 4month old grey fiesta, ha did the work at a very competative rate and now you can't tell it was ever damaged.


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