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painting hubs n calipers

JimC64 Apr 22, 2009

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Spent 3 hours on Saturday and removed the new wheels I'd put on a week or so ago and cleaned the back of them. While I had them off I wanted to repaint the wheels hubs that meet the rear of the alloy and the calipers. These get grimy / rusty / generally crapy over time and take away from the look of the vehicle.
    Gave them brush down with a stiff brush to remove the worst of the dirt and any loose material and gave them a coat of Hammerite Silver. The hubs looks fantastic as do the calipers. Had my car in at the dealer today and it was commented on 2 or 3 times how clean and new they looked......deffo worth the effort[​IMG][​IMG]
    I chose to go with silver as red or any other colour is too boy racerish for my liking and doesn't g owith the image of an A6....well, not mine anyway......Anyone else ?


    Ok guys, I managed to take a few quick shots of the hubs n calipers as mentioned. Gives an idea of how much better than the usual dirty / grimy look that is the norm.
    I've noticed a few guys who paint their calipers but not the hubs? Surely it'd make sense as it gives it a much cleaner look overall.[​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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