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Painting Callipers

TM Aug 28, 2011

  1. TM

    TM S-line SB

    Hi Guys,

    Planning to paint my brake callipers (next weekend now). Thinking hand painting is the better option, may take longer than spray but less waste and accurate coverage.

    Just wanted opinions on the colour to go for, Im thinking black with white s-line decals.


  2. danb986

    danb986 In awe of VCDS Team Daytona

    This was recently discussed in another thread and the general thought was that if the brakes are standard then go for black or silver. Anything more colourful than this won't look right as the standard calipers aren't worth highlighting. Black or silver will just make them look new and smart.
    I did black on mine. I used a high temperature engine enamel that halfords sell. It can cope with the temeperatures easily and being an enamel it gives a very smooth glass like finish, even being applied by brush.
  3. Shane.

    Shane. Member

    As above, black or silver unless you have uprated brakes. I used spray just masked everything right up and it came out alright I used a matt black high temp paint admittedly which is much easier to get a decent finish
  4. k9audi

    k9audi NITRO

    Am going to be hopefully doing my calipers within the next couple of weeks. My Cars Lava grey so I woz thinking black or silver but I've decided to go for the oem brighter look so am going to do them Silver with S-line Decal

    WAFTER Member

    Agree that sometimes highlighting callipers in a bright colour just draws attention to them being so diddly but.....they are not that small and just painting them silver or black at least means your not seeing lumps of rusty cacky metal twixt the spokes of your fancy alloys.
    It's a personal thing and cobblers to what others think, but I have painted the hubs silver ( they were showing surface rust and looked untidy) and the callipers AND the brake disc edges bright red using Halfords engine enamel. The tyres walls are kept clean and blacked so that everything in the wheel area looks clean smart and nicely painted matching the presentation of the rest of the car (Pearl Black). Why I have even yet to kick the concours habit of outlining the tyre lettering in white, and this on a car used regularly except on short journeys or in very bad weather. Sad or what? Do I care? NOPE.
  6. Chappy

    Chappy Call me Dan! Audi A5

    Very true, it is your car afterall and your opinion is all that counts!
    Personally after owning a Leon Cupra with 345mm front brakes, the ones we have are nothing to shout about and by no means are they small, but nothing special.

    I've had cars that I've wanted to stand out when I was younger, red callipers black wheels etc but with the Audi I'm going for more OEM and will be doing my callipers and hubs silver, as they would have come from the factory....
  7. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Regional Rep Site Sponsor Gold Supporter Audi A3 Team Brill Red

    silver or black as the others have said mate
  8. Shane.

    Shane. Member

    Exactly this, my old car was a black honda civic with grey alloys and bright red callipers was going for the sort of JDM look at the time whereas with this car was much more of an OEM look even with bigger brakes I think it can be very hit and miss with the colour on a car like an A3

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