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painting black side sills possible?

ha3t Mar 4, 2004

  1. ha3t

    ha3t New Member

    I have the oettinger body kit on my a3t. The side skirt and rear skirt is actually the same as the projectzwo ones that you have probably seen on various cars including XXX-1.8t.
    As you guys know the a3 has a black side sill that runs along the bottom of the door.
    The side skirt I have attaches to the existing black sill except the top inch or so is not covered and remains. The car is blue by the way.
    The bodyshop wh fitted the kit said not to paint the remaining side sill because according to them the paint starts to flake easily.
    Anyone got any experience of this?
    However, cos I've now seen that strip painted in various pictures I just wanted to know if its wise to get the black strip painted. The cars back at the bodyshop for some further work anyway.
    Its looks pretty good as it is, however, I think have the strip painted would give the car a coordinated look rather than looking like a side skirt has been 'added on'.
    What do you guys reckon. Would like to know soon so I can get it done while the cars in the bodyshop.
    Opinions much valued

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