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  1. southylad

    southylad Active Member

    my front bumper and bonnet 0n my 56 plate radiant red a3 sportback have lots of stone chips so i have been looking into getting the bonnet and bumper painted blending in on the front wings, ive been talking to a couple of painters and i have explained i want the repaire to be as good as oem paint and the laquer to be as hard so i have the chance to polish out future marks and scratches, now i think all body shops are supposed to use water based systems now not like in 06 when mine will have been painted anyway one guy said he would do it a 2k laquer and the other guy said they use standox or ppg clearcoats and says they are good. this means nothing to me so if there are any painters on here that could offer any advice before i commit to one or the other that would be a big help, thanks

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