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paint or don't paint, that is the question..?

EnzoS4 Nov 2, 2007

  1. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    white van hit my car up the back at a junction... not much damage, small scratch on bumper. but it was pushed in and up on the left, its not bad but this would bug me...

    Audi are going to repair this, they also suggested a respray of the rear bumper...

    so whilst the car is in the body shop for its 1st visit, I was thinking about getting the front bumper done to get rid of the stone chips. I am also thinking about an upgrade to a newer S4 later, so was woundering what you guys think about buying total original cars with a few stone chips / scratches or a cleaner car but resprayed...?
  2. joost

    joost Active Member

    I'm a bit biased since mine's had a fair bit of paint recently but then I'm a bit picky so I'd probably plump for the cleaner/resprayed car. If it's done properly, surely it would be immaterial anyway?
  3. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    thanks joost...

    forgot to do the poll...
    1 respray, cleaner car
    0 don't respray, keep as original car
  4. naefeart

    naefeart Bonkers

    I would go with the paint option also, as long as the work is done properly, I see no issues there. After all, you are just returning the car to its 'original' condition.

    A couple of years ago while reversing out of my drive, the wind caught the gate and badly scratched the rear bumper on my Evo 8. The car was brand new at the time and I was gutted. The car was black but had a perl effect in the paint, so I was really worried it wouldn't look right after the repair and affect the value. The local porsche bodyshop did a fantastic job and you couldn't tell the work had been done. I even told the guy I sold the car to just incase, but he was more than happy as he couldn't tell either.

    Most people will expect a s/h car over five years to have had at the very least some form of minor paintwork, as long as its done well its shouldn't be a issue.

  5. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    Had the paint job done, both front and rear bumpers by Audi, looks OK, will check fully tomorrow as its dark now.

    The rear bumper was found damage, so a new rear bumper was ordered which turned up damaged, the same for the 2nd one ordered, the 3rd bumper was OK and fitted. guys did say that the body work was like new and was easy to match, I would think so - polishing it once or twice a month...

    my loan car was a citeon C3, sorry for anyone that may have one but what a snail and boring... But a great car on fuel, only cost me £20 per week in petrol compare to the £50 in the S4... loan cars do get some stick...

    driving the S4 back home was fanstic, but just over 20mpg, its making me think...

    its also just clocked 100k miles, but it's fully serviced twice a year (oil and filters. plugs once a yr)...

    KEEP or sell...?
  6. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    doesn;t matter if it is painted properly, its the dodgy jobs with overspray on fittings and mis- aligned panels that make me walk away
  7. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    jcb good point, will be checking this...
  8. Andy D

    Andy D Member

    I had a silver Vectra sprayed last year after someone hit my front wing and bumper, the pain match was near perfect but the laquer made it stand out like a sore thumb whenever it rained as it just shone differently.

    Sold the car due to this reason as I seen it every time it rained, BTW I live in the West of Scotland so that was pretty much all the time///lol

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