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Paint looks brand new again - Thanks Juicy Jen! (and Dodo Juice!)

Oreo5000 Dec 17, 2011

  1. Oreo5000

    Oreo5000 Member

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Juicy Jen and all her help recently.

    Basically the best pre and after sales I have ever experienced!
    If you have a specific problem, want to know about a certain product or just need some general detailing advice then I highly recommend heading over to Juicy Detailing - Car Cleaning Products and Auto Detailing and speaking to Jen.

    I had a paint problem that I was having real difficulty fixing, I tried a bunch of Meguiars and Autoglym products but no joy.
    I spoke to Jen and she went through some options in great detail. I've fired a bunch of questions her way at various times of the day and she has come back with detailed responses almost instantly!

    I ended up buying a bunch of products (which showed up the next day!) including some snow foam and a DA, but the real fix has been the Dodo Juice 'Lime Prime'

    Take a look at the before and after


    The after was taken right after the Lime Prime, at this point I hadn't even sealed or waxed!

    I've just applied some Jetseal109 and finished it off with Supernatural Hybrid Paste Sealant
    My 2008 S3 now looks brand new!

    Thanks again to Jen and all her help!!

    Here's another shot just buffing off the sealant:
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  2. patTTpoa

    patTTpoa Member

    What more can I say to that?
    Put some pics up of your new gear

  3. Oreo5000

    Oreo5000 Member

    Yeah I'm pretty blown away Pat, the first pass of Lime Prime didn't appear to have made a difference and I was really disappointed. Then I had some DA tip's from Jen and had another go, now I'm pretty certain it was money well spent :)

    I'll upload some photos for you tomorrow, it's too cold to go back inside the garage now haha

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