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Paint job around Merseyside

Nuno_rules Jun 23, 2011

  1. Nuno_rules

    Nuno_rules New Member

    I am looking for a reasonnable good painter around Merseyside.
    Over the last few years i have had a few scratches and dings by idiots, kids or simply people who do not how to drive on a car park.

    I went to Lloyds Autobody (I think) who does all the Audi jobs for the dealer and quoted me £1000 to do all sides except the roof.
    The bonnet has a couple of stone chip and they said they had to redo the whole bonnet.
    Is it really necessary? Is it really true that they have to paint a whole panel for few scratches?

    Another painter quoted me £700.

    What is the normal rate? Is there anyone you would recommend in the area?

    I will put some picture later on this evening just to get an idea of what is needed.

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