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Paint Care regime for Amalfi & Glacier # Polished Bliss #

First Ever Audi Jun 14, 2013

  1. First Ever Audi

    First Ever Audi Active Member


    Just wanted to share with you the following care plan from Rich at Polished Bliss. I asked for guidance on caring for the Solid Amalfi and also the Glacier.....most of you will already know most of the following but there are some cracking products listed..

    Please find below a full process-based annual routine to follow for both cars. I have included the products that we would personally use to wash, decontaminate and protect them...

    Stage 1 - Wash (to remove loose dirt and grime - aim to do this every 1-2 weeks)

    Wash the exterior routinely in line with the advice provided in this online guide - Safe Washing And Drying | Car Care Advice | Polished Bliss - using the following products...

    2 x PB Clear Wash Bucket | Practical Translucent Car Wash Bucket
    1 x PB Advanced Wash Kit | Comprehensive Car Wash Kit (choosing the Lather shampoo option)

    (don't bother drying off if you are going to perform stage 2 next)

    Stage 2 - Decontaminate (to remove bonded contamination - aim to do this 1-2 times a year)

    Decontaminate the bodywork, wheels and glass in line with the advice provided in this online guide - Decontaminating Paint | Car Care Advice | Polished Bliss - using the following products...

    1 x Autosmart Tardis | Professional Strength Tar & Honeydew Remover (do this step before claying and rinse thoroughly)
    3 x Atomiza Microfibre Work Towel | Entry Level Microfibre Cleaning Towel
    1 x Auto Finesse Iron Out | Intensive Iron Contaminant Remover (see info tabs for description and usage instructions)
    1 x Meguiar's Quik Clay Kit | Basic Claying Kit For Detailing Novices (rinse thoroughly afterwards and then dry off)

    Stage 3 - Protect (to enhance the gloss and lock in the shine; always do this after decontaminating, and add a fresh coat of the Tough Coat sealant every 2-3 months)

    Given the colour of your cars, I would personally choose a synthetic sealant as opposed to a wax, simply because the finish will be sharper and more reflective, and more durable too. The product of choice for bright white finishes is the Auto Finesse Tough Kit; this has really moved the game on in terms of durability (4+ months per full system application), is ridiculously easy to apply and buff off, and leaves a truly stunning high gloss finish that looks amazing...

    1 x Auto Finesse Tough Kit | Brilliant Synthetic Car Paint Protection Kit (watch the demo video on the video tab to see what it looks like on my white C30)

    Other Exterior Products (use routinely as and when needed) (see links for details, how to use instructions and related products for applicators/towels)

    Alloy Wheel Protection - Auto Finesse Mint Rims | Heat-Resistant Synthetic Wheel Sealant (3-4 months of protection per coat)
    Durable Tyre Dressing - Blackfire Total Eclipse Tyre Gel | Premium Water-Based Tyre Dressing Gel
    Potent Glass Cleaner - Auto Finesse Crystal | Premixed Ready To Use Glass Cleaner (also perfect for interior use)
    Exhaust Tips Polish - Auto Finesse Mercury | Moderate Strength Cutting Polish For Metals (if required, depending on nature of tips on car)

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