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P3103 Intake Flap Motor & Hissing noise on acceleration

luckysh0t May 2, 2013

  1. luckysh0t

    luckysh0t New Member

    Emission Control warning light came on this week on my 2007 2.0 TDI A3 (BKD) and got a mechanic with a code reader (don't think it was VAGCOM) and the following faults reported:

    P0691 Fan Control
    P3103 Intake Flap Motor

    From Google, the Fan Control warning comes on as it's on the same circuit as the motor which when it fails causes the fuse to go soon after. So I need to replace a fuse and possibly the Intake Manifold Flap which may be locked on open going by reports? Also am I right in thinking the manifold is just in front of the right hand side of the engine? Badly need a schematic or something so I can start to see how things are working.

    Possible symptoms:
    - Pretty sure MPG is suffering.
    - When the engine turns off there's an ugly rattle off it that wasn't there before.
    - Not sure if this is normal, the turbo or something, but there's a hissing coming from something between the battery and the back right hand side of the engine block. I've found a leak in the air intake (at least from the 5 mins I looked at the engine properly for the first time that's what I assume it is) but on covering it with the mark 1 finger the hissing is still there so it's from something further in. I don't think it's a normal turbo type noise as it's noticeable at any level of revs. It does get louder with more revs.

    Couple of pics to make up for my lack of knowledge:


    hissing from in here somewhere:

    Can someone give me a few pointers as to the likelihood that what I've noticed above is related to the faults reported and explain what might be going wrong? This is the first car I've given a **** about so I want to get my head round what's going on to take a bit more care of her.

    cheers for any help.
    Last edited: May 2, 2013
  2. S3AMK20VT

    S3AMK20VT Member

    vacuum hose leak? or leaking vacuum box
  3. luckysh0t

    luckysh0t New Member

    Best way to find it? Spray soapy water and watch for bubbles?

    Also what's the best resource available that'll show me an accurate diagram of my engine? I'm looking at resources online but without pictures of what they're talking about I'm finding it hard to follow along.

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