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P0180 Dashboard lit up like a christmas tree!!

asasprey Mar 14, 2011

  1. asasprey

    asasprey Member

    Hi guys im new to the forum, i have been scanning it like theres no tomorrow, all week about retro fitting components.

    Il start by saying im 19, a technician for subaru and i bought my beautiful audi a3, 2.0tdi quattro hatchback.

    The guy who i had it off had got it remapped and had a panel filter put on. Also the common rear wiper motor doesnt work!

    Now, i was driving my car home yesterday and just as i was passing where i work my 'esp' and 'abs' lights came on. Damn!

    Shortly followed by a fluctuaiting rev and speedo counter, followed by every single light flashing on the dashboard!

    I pulled over at work and switched off and on the car and the lights were still on. Drove home, switched the car off and on and then the immobiliser cut in after 1 second!

    I started it this morning sweet as a nut and only the esp and abs light on the dash. Plugged my scanner in and found the fault codes as follows :

    P0180 Data Bus control missing communication from combined tool 018058 MEM
    P0180 Bus/data transmission- message from ECU missing 018045 MEM
    P0180 Bus/data transmission-message from A/C system ECU missing 018043 MEM
    P0180 Data Bus control defective 018056 MEM
    P0180 Bus/data transmission-message from Airbag ECU missing 018044 MEM
    P0180 Data Bus control missing communication from ABS ecu 018057 MEM

    I took it for a short run and by the end of my drive it was all lit up again!

    P0180 is the single code staying on and now i am having difficulty connecting with any systems, i.e it is loosing connection when connecting. I have tested dashboard actuations and all is good. My initial thought is the main ECU?

    I jet washed my engine off about a week ago and it has been fine until now. Anybody think it could be the ecu?

    Thanks guys n girls!
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    You need to scan it with VCDS to get the proper fault codes however here is the Ross Tech fault code diagnosis.

    Seems like the jet wash may not have helped !! :-

    16564/P0180 - Ross-Tech Wiki
  3. asasprey

    asasprey Member

    Cheers mike, i just took the panel off to look at the ecu and it is pretty loose, so i am guessing that it wasnt properly put back when they remapped it! It wouldnt start half an hour ago again, now since i have tried removing the ecu it will start! Headache or what?

    Im going to try and figure out how to remove the ecu then just try another i think :/
  4. asasprey

    asasprey Member

    Thought i would updater you guys. Took ecu out and found a bit of corrosion on the connections, cleaned them up, stripped ecu, cleaned it up, put it back together, (doesnt feel as quick :/) but all working well now touch wood! I took lots of photos through the process so if anybody thinks an ecu removal guide should be made, i will. Thanks!
  5. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Fingers crossed you got it sorted! Welcome to the forum, any reason why you bought an Audi & not a Subaru ;-)
  6. asasprey

    asasprey Member

    Thanks Khufu! Yeah, well insurance is one, and subarus are cheap and tacky inside to be honest. The audis are just a different league in my opinion, solid and no road noise! although i wish it could have the reliability of a subaru!

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