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P0118 Engine coolant temp. circuit, high input

redbag Jun 15, 2003

  1. redbag

    redbag New Member

    Ahhh the tag of being labelled a max power type! Please get real...........the parts that have been fitted to the M3 are from two of the best aftermarket styling companies.
    If you were to a bit of research you will find that ZEEMAX only makes kits for the BMW, the new BMW MINI and Porchse cars, now hardly what I would Nova type cars!
    And the same goes for Kerscher.
    But then again some people are stuck in the dark ages and are unable to understanding the idea of creativity. But then again that’s just my opinion!

    Anyway I'm more than happy with it and that’s all that matters to me!



  2. I'm getting a code, P0118 - Engine coolant temperature circuit, high input. Do you all think this is most likely a sensor or the wiring? Does anyone know where the coolant temp sensor is on the 1.8t??
  3. dann959

    dann959 Member

    i'm tripping the coolant temp sensor too, but the code is 128 which is temp below regulated temp. I have no idea. Any help for both of us?

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