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P?number request / query folks....

dieselfitter251 Jul 18, 2008

  1. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    :think:Is there a complete part number for the complete drivers seat? I've had a look on www.vagcat.com and only got the exploded view of the seat.

    ....or...does anybody have a B5 (pre-98) drivers seat w/height adjustment for an A4tdi q avant. Got the grey kinda check pattern.
    Mine is knackered (221000+miles what would you expect!). Cheers!
  2. Turbo Lag FTW

    Turbo Lag FTW Hate those none insured you know who types

    Etka just shows it as individual parts, unless you can go to dealers and get them to sort one out for you but the bottom frame and back frame are 300 each on the version of Etka ive seen. You can order the foam padding and the seat covering for a whole lot less and Ive been at the dealers when someone ordered for their VW GTI and he had recaro seats for it and it was gonna cost 175 for new lower pad and seat cover.
    Its all down to how much you wanna pay Id say, there is always the option of ebay and seeing whats available. Would most likely be a whole lot cheaper.

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