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P-Flo Issue?

wuta3 Jun 15, 2013

  1. wuta3

    wuta3 Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I popped a Neuspeed P-flo intake on. Firstly, didn't think it would make that much difference to the feel of the car. It pulls much more evenly in the mid-range and freer above 4k and feels much more responsive.

    Two issues though ... the top of my filter is black because it is sucking in fibers from the sound proofing on the underside of the bonnet. Would this be an issue? I imagine over time it will block the topside of the filter ...

    Second, at about 6k rpm there is a metallic "beeeeep" noise, which sounds like the aluminium resonating with the airflow or something. Anyone else experienced this?

    Overall though, very happy with it so far.
  2. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    I've got a P-Flo on mine but must admit I haven't experienced either of the issues you mention. My filter was a bit dirty as it was a 2nd hand purchase but it cleaned up fantastically courtesy of a K&N cleaning kit (cleaner and oil) purchased from fleabay. I would suggest this is a good option for you if your filter is getting a bit mucky, cheaper than buying a new filter too.
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  3. wuta3

    wuta3 Well-Known Member

    Yea I might refit too incase it isn't 100% snug on the turbo end and rattling against something though it does sound like high-pitch reverberation due to air speed.

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