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Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

elton121272 Nov 30, 2012

  1. monkeyboy_marcus

    monkeyboy_marcus Active Member

    Thanks John, detailed and thorough description as ever! Delivery, any day now...

    Excuse my ignorance but if indeed the discs are to be replaced with this fix, will the hubs be changed too, i.e. are they a unit or separate? I don't want to spend time and money cleaning/painting needlessly.

    On another note, having driven a Q7 around for 24 hours, I am loving having the RS3 back - so much power, such a solid drive and now that the exhaust mount problem is fixed the myriad of little irritating squeaks/rattles have gone away. Happy days!
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  2. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter Team Daytona Gold Supporter Team Cornflower Blue Team Sahara Silver Audi RS3 Audi TT Audi A1

    Hey Marcus, the front brake disc is in fact a cast iron disc assembled on to an aluminium carrier/hub (the interconnection enables the disc to 'float' on the carrier/hub) so the complete assembly (including aluminium carrier/hub) would be changed.

    However, of the two cars that I am aware of having undergone the 'modification' the brake disc has NOT been changed, only the caliper, caliper carrier, and brake pads.

    I really do not understand the inconsistency of this other than for: a) mileage reasons, or b) Audi are still developing (using customer cars - memories of Lotus car developments in the 70s)?

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