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Owners manual not correct

Cardigan May 9, 2013

  1. Cardigan

    Cardigan New Member

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    I have spent thelast two days having the most lunatic conversation with Audi customer support.

    I bought a newAudi Q5 last month. I want to fit a car cam taking the power into theappropriate fuse. The actual fuse array in the car bears no resemblance to anyof the pictures or any of the descriptions of any of the fuse arrays in theowners manual. I sent them a copy of the pages from my Q5 owners manual showingpictures and a description of the fuse arrays and I sent a photo of the actualfuse array in the car to Audi customer services. Those docs showed that theactual fuse array bears no resemblance to any of the pictures or any of thedescriptions of any of the fuse arrays in the manual. Their reply was that thepictures and description in the manual are 'generic' and do not relateto any particular Q5; that Q5's are constructed differently for differentmodels and for different countries but there's only one manual which may or maynot relate to any particular car! So the 3 pages in the manual describing indetail with absolute clarity where the fuses are and which fuse relates to whatare totally incorrect and known by them to be incorrect and the 3 pages couldmore accurately be simply replaced by one sentence saying "there are fusesin the car, they could be anywhere." For that matter the manual could bereplaced with a picture of a car and a sentence "this is a car, you own acar and here is a list of things that might or might not be in you car."

    Audi customer services referred me to a web site - www.erwin.audi.co.uk where Ican PAY, yes PAY to search and POSSIBLY find the fuse configuration for my car.I registered with the site and after 30 minutes formed the view that it wouldtake me a week to find it if it is there and that's a week at 5 Euros an hour.

    I can’t getpast customer support services, an you help?

  2. Andy Crooks

    Andy Crooks Well-Known Member

    did you sort it mate, you should send audi customer support the bill for the use of an alternative website

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