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Overfuelling?? Misfire?

Reyes Sep 17, 2012

  1. Reyes

    Reyes Member

    Hi, the car seems to be juddering and losing power a lot. Seems like somewhere, there is some sort of breathing fault. Also, in high revs, there's like a very fast tapping noise coming from round the front of the exhaust (round the cat)
    I've also realised that this car is guzzling gas more than any other car I've owned.. I've had 20vT's on Leon Cupra R's, Ibiza cupra and audi's, also a few 2.0T's, one of which, running a TDO5 Turbo.
    One is concerned..

    May be tempted to sell up and get a DERV after the misfiring is sorted.

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