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Over Sensitive Deadlocks. ?

Kohaku Aug 31, 2012

  1. Kohaku

    Kohaku Member

    Twice gone into local Texaco garage to fill up, and twice became an involuntary captive.

    Turned off ignition,went to pull key out,all dead as a dodo.

    After hanging around for approx 1 hour (first time) it started as normal. thinking obviously I did something untoward was very careful on the second visit,but no,same again,waited 30 mins this time, then started like a good boy.

    Do you think it could be due to the high tec broadband equipment inside the garage,or am I know just a daft old bugger who cant read a manual properly.

    It appears that no other cars have ever had this problem there.

    Off to Audi in a mo,will report back on their findings.......if any.
  2. Dave Hedgehog

    Dave Hedgehog Active Member

    My first car had a random problem not starting and not releasing the key

    That was fixed by adjusting the gear lever position sensors
  3. Kohaku

    Kohaku Member

    Had a nice chat with very polite Audi man.......He say,basically sir you're a plank.

    Because I'm always in a hurry. I must have turned off ignition slightly before stick in the 'P' position..we will see.

    Hope it's not what Dave says.

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