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Over boosting??

190sline Jan 3, 2014

  1. 190sline

    190sline Member

    Seems my un mapped 1.8t Quattro 190bhp bex engine is boosting to much. It peaks at 20psi and holds 15psi I had a old boost gauge from a friend and it read 19/20psi so thought must be nakered so bought a new one that records peak boost and its still 20psi vacuum is fine at -20 lol did audi give the 190bhp more boost to make the 190bhp over the 163? Mods that would effect it are only n249 delete and lemme winks on vag-com any ideas as to why this could be? Really scratching my head with this one.
  2. Paul_A4_UK

    Paul_A4_UK Member

    Sounds like your un-mapped car may well be mapped?

    If not then I've no idea I'm afraid. From reading the N249 just controls how harshly the turbo comes on, not the amount of boost so don't think it'd be that.

    Do a run with vag-com cable and take your MAF readings. If they are up near to 180g/s then I'd think that means your car is mapped. Mine has been mapped recently and holds 180g/s with a little blip / peak of 183g/s. I think stock they are around 160-170g/s.

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