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Out with the old! And in with the new!

minimadmotorman Mar 7, 2012

  1. Finally after exactly 6 months my new BE is here!

    Old trusty

    New hotness

    Not driven it yet as I'm sat on a conference call, but hey ho!

    Apologies for the crappy pics, I will take some better ones of the new car later.
  2. Paullie

    Paullie Banana Menace! VCDS Map User

    New hotness, indeedy! Very sweet looking new BE you got there, Buddy. Love it and look forward to more pics when you have the time. Now get off the phone and ENJOY!!! :wub: xx
  3. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    looking good, looking spicy:] any mods planned yet?
  4. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Looking well good. I see a day off coming up soon. More pics when ou get a chance, but most of all, ENJOY. :) x
  5. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    OMG its like going from rags to riches :laugh: :wub:
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  6. Yeah the old one was full on povo spec. It had such optional extra's as round wheels! lol

    New one is TDI 140 BE with comfort pack and non smoking pack in phantom.

    As for mods I've just got my bonus at work so may splash out on a dension kit with cradle and maybe some lighting.

    I've got it booked in for a protection detail too.
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  7. nally

    nally MPG the new BPH

    interior light upgrade ?
  8. Yeah interior lights, thats what I meant by lighting :)
  9. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    lovely man! Wish you well to drive her!

    Love how you were unable to drive the car due to a conference call but still able to create a thread on ASN :lmfao:
  10. Just been for a quick 5 mile run.

    Very nice so far, much quieter than the old one.
    Ride is a bit less compliant but I was expecting that, power is "different" doesn't feel massively quicker than the old one but watching the speedo it definately is (without trying or going past 3200rpm).

    Flat bottom wheel and 6 speed box will take some getting used to too.

    Shame its pissing it down as it's mucky now! lol
  11. So who does a good interior lighting upgrade? I don't have the lighting pack so just need the vanity lights, and front and back roof lights.

    I'd not mind doing the number plate lights too but have heard a few people not being happy with the upgrades?
  12. wez3570

    wez3570 Member

    T8ups is your man
  13. I'll drop him a PM at some point then :)
  14. Right trups is gonna sort me out with some bling bling bulbs after payday.

    However I can't decide between a Dension GW100 and ipod dock on a bury clip or an RNS
    I'm leaning towards the Dension as I can use my iPhone as a TomTom and it would be cheaper plus I'm not a sat nav hound.

    Other than that I would like to get shot of the lease company number plates.
    Can anyone recommend some decent plates with GB (who will let me have them without the loggy?)
  15. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    You DO want RNS you little Audi snob:]:wub:
  16. Gweev

    Gweev Member

    what does BE stand for?
  17. Lol is that a Jedi mind trick?
  18. amr79

    amr79 Member

    Can't wait for mine now. It will also be in phantom black, looking at your photo I'm glad I went for the same colour. Come on April!!
  19. Black Edition.

    Or as my colleagues at work have branded it due to the DRL's "Twat Edition"
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  20. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    wierd that you dont have RSN thought BE has got it?
  21. Only S3 comes with RNS as standard.
  22. Gweev

    Gweev Member

    Thank you. I need to catch up on the abbreviations!
  23. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Staff Member Moderator

    Oooohh very nice indeedy! Always sad to see the old one go but not for long eh! lol Enjoy....
  24. The old one never really felt like mine, I only had it for 6mths as a stop gap whilst waiting for the BE.

    However I did enjoy it. Was deffo a better drive than my MK5 Golf.
  25. nally

    nally MPG the new BPH

    check this out
    Audi EM tuning - YouTube
  26. Well got my EM Tuning LED's and new number plate lights installed, looks much better. :) (Thanks T8ups)
    Still got my new fog light bulbs to fit, (also from T8ups) they are supposed to match for the DRL's.

    Also had an all surface protection detail done at the weekend (just need to get myself a decent washing kit now to keep on top of it)

    Other bits I wouldn't mind are some pressed plates (going to order this week) and some genuine mudflaps (do they fit the s-line?).

    Also have a Dension kit to order (just can't justify the RNS TBH).
  27. Sod it plates are ordered :)

    Might just wait till pay day for the Dension kit.

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