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Out of warranty Xbox 360 replaced....

a3tdiquattro Feb 19, 2007

  1. a3tdiquattro

    a3tdiquattro Member

    A few months ago I bought a 360 from a friend of mine and have had no problems with it what so ever (neither had he).

    A week or so ago it froze a couple of times, then on Thursday it started pixilating on buildings, the sky etc (I think the lense may have been scratched by not picking the disc up properly).

    I registered the console and phoned them the next day, I said it was a gift and didn't know exactly when I got it. They went away and checked the serial number against there records, the first owner must have registered it (launch system)!

    Basically it was out of warranty, but have said if I send it back they will replace it with a new one!! (I hope it is not a recon - although if the problem is fixed I'm not overly worried).

    They sent me a UPS returns label via emai and is being collected tomorrow.

    Apart from the fact it has broken down, I am impressed with the service so far.

    I've posted this (not to gloat) so that if anyone reading has an out of warranty system, don't be duped into paying for a repair, be persistant and all should come good.

    Good luck. :icon_thumright:
  2. turbodan

    turbodan Member

    There very good at getting em sorted quickly.

    My original xbox was picked up, fixed and brought back all within 3 days!

    Was well impressed!
  3. rickparmar

    rickparmar Active Member

    there doing this now because it was on watchdog,

    have any of you flashed your machine ?
  4. a3tdiquattro

    a3tdiquattro Member

    No I haven't mate, personally don't see the need. But each to there own.
  5. a3tdiquattro

    a3tdiquattro Member

    I hope they are as quick for me :think:
  6. Turbo Lag FTW

    Turbo Lag FTW Hate those none insured you know who types

    You better check the serials on your machines guys, or the production dates.
    If you received new unit within 3 days its a recon.
    But give it to Microsoft, they are quick at replyin to customers needs.
  7. a3tdiquattro

    a3tdiquattro Member

    It was a recon! Condition was "as new" though. But as it was out of warranty and replaced free of charge I didn't mind.

    If it was in warranty I would have demanded a new replacement.
  8. Gal

    Gal New Member

    I had this trouble last year. bought it off ebay but it had been sent back before I had had it once. Only trouble was I couldnt remember guys address aso that I could get it done under warranty. So I got left with a stuffed 360. Well it ended well though as I swapped it for a scooter lol
  9. [Dave B]

    [Dave B] Daddy

    Mine is dead at the moment. It's under warranty but MS said to expect a 5 week wait to get a replacement :(
  10. concoursneil

    concoursneil Member

    Ive just had mine back , had the dreaded RED light syndrome , it was away for 20 days , but excellent service , 3yr warrenty with RED light prob.

    They have given me a brand new console, i checked the serial numbers.
    They have also registered it for me on my Xbox home page , so didnt need to change that either.

    Overall great service , and very helpfull on the phone aswell:icon_thumright:
  11. Dazzeroo

    Dazzeroo Active Member

    They should be helpful given the amount of grief that these consoles have caused. I went through 2 consoles in 10 weeks.....i have had my third for 6 months now without a problem although perhaps I have spoken too soon!?
  12. DjDiddles

    DjDiddles New Member

    My brother is on his 3rd 360! Microsoft has replaced all of them for him!! Think the longest he's waited was 2 weeks for them to send him a new one!! Not bad service but doesn't look good for the system since many people are having to send them in for new ones!!
  13. Kitsch

    Kitsch Seat - Skoda - Audi

    My original Sh**box went back for repair after 3 rings of death 1 month later received a refurb replacement, which was faulty, went back & 7 days later received another refurb unit which was faulty, after being lied too by 2 microsoft employees 1 being a supervisor saying that I would receive a new unit within 5 days to phone up 4 days later too see if I could get a tracking number said they do not do that & that it needs to go to the repair centre. & now I am just waiting. :scared2:

    My fault with the refurb unit are as follows (would like to know if any body else has had this problem).
    I have 2 top of the range 100hz panasonic crt tv which both show the problem & have even bought a new RGB scart to try just incase.
    basically the 60hz widescreen output from the Sh**box is not outputing a 16:9 signal & the screen is overscanned so part of the screen at the top is missing. Dirt times you can only see half, Flatout Carnage paused you can only read half the paused on screen etc etc.

    Please write if this has happen to you I think it's a upgrade/gpu fix they do to the units. :wtf: :keule:

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