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Original RS4 18's for sale

StevoA6 Apr 18, 2007

  1. StevoA6

    StevoA6 Member

    I've been running RS4 8,5Jx18H2 ET20 with 255x35x18 tyres on my A6 1.8T Sport but they are too big for my car. They originally came off an RS4 or Allroad - according to Audi. I want to change the wheels a to a narrower wheel so they're up for sale. I'll put pics up in the classifieds soon.

    I'm also selling replica RS4 refurbed 7,5x17's with tyres (205x45x17) that I was going to put on my A6 but I want to keep to an 18.

    PM me if you're interested. I do have these advertised elsewhere and soon on ebay.

  2. goldengoose

    goldengoose New Member

    how much rs4 255s any chance of a picture

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