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original part for a abs pump/hyradulic controller

baldyplayer99 Jun 22, 2012

  1. baldyplayer99

    baldyplayer99 Member

    having real trouble with a abs pump number, some numpty of a previous owner said there was a fault with the pump but didnt tell me that he put a pump on that was wrong and got rid of the original.

    i have an audi a3 tquattro 1.8 180bhp but have a 2wd pump on thanks to the prevy. I need the orginal number but audi being audi have only given me the replacement number which no spares exist for as it is a new replacement not original.

    any help from anyone who has a 4wd a3 turbo 2000/2001 can give me info on pump number or can have a look for me on theres would be amazing.

    please help me :(
  2. Reesy

    Reesy Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I am going to be checking within the next hour or so. I have no choice as I am heading to where it is stored for something else as well so I will let you know.

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