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Organising songs on sd card

ARSEY4 May 8, 2007

  1. ARSEY4

    ARSEY4 New Member

    Just converted some songs from my itunes to mp3 then onto my sd card. the songs all appear in "name order" ie on itunes the name is a number followed by the name of the song, consequently everything gets mixed up and its a bit of a ball ache scrolling through them. I tried creating another folder on my sd card and just gave it the album name but the rns will not read multi folders on he card or not the way I have done it. Ive downloaded playlist creator and am going to have a play tonight but is there a way of creating album folders on the sd card so the unit will read them?
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    You need to create an M3U playlist. This is really easy; an M3U file is simply a text file with a list of MP3s in the order you want to play them. Save this on to the root of the card with the MP3s in a folder and the RNS-E will only show the playlists when you select "Drives".

    Note that you will need to include the relative file path of the MP3 in your M3U file. So, for example, if you have three tracks called "TrackA.mp3", "TrackB.mp3" and "TrackC.mp3", you might copy them to a folder called "MyTracks". Create a text file called "MyPlaylist.m3u", save it to the root of the SD card, and inside it type the following lines:


    Try it on the RNS-E and all you'll see is the playlist called "MyTracks". Select it and the RNS-E will play your MP3s in the order shown above.

    I've actually written a Windows application to do this (I am planning to make it available free in the next few weeks) which rips CD tracks using the LAME MP3 encoder, then allows you to create a playlist and copies this and all the tracks to your SD card automatically. Have been using it for a while, but right now three of my mates are doing some Beta testing for me :) Will post some more about it soon.
  3. ARSEY4

    ARSEY4 New Member

    Thanks for that. I have downloaded playlist creator 3 which i think from what i have done so far does what you say automatically. My cars in at the moment so will test when i get it back.

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