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Ordered through Arnold Clark... Delivery different ***

jacky May 17, 2009

  1. jacky

    jacky Audi newb!


    I am reading all these build dates on here and it doesnt make much sense to me.. I ordered my A3 on the 30th March.. I have done my research and found that people who ordered at a similar time are getting delivery mid june..

    However, I recieved a phone call saying my delivery is End of July.. WTF?... The only reason i can think of is that i oredered the car through Arnold Clark and not an Audi garage.. Could this make a difference?.. wouldnt think soo.. but your the experts.

    Any advice would be brilliant.. :jester:

    Jacky :blackrs4:
  2. Igdos

    Igdos Member

    The delivery dates will depend on the engine and transmission you've chosen, when I ordered there was a big variation in the delivery times for each engine and even longer lead time for S-Tronic.

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