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Order Placed - A3 Sportback!

TerryF82 Dec 4, 2012

  1. TerryF82

    TerryF82 New Member

    I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to everyone that helped me decide between an A4 and the new A3 sportback. I test drove the 3 door version of the a3 whilst my current a5 was in for service and I loved it, great drive and even better interior. I've been assured golf clubs can fit in the sportback without any troubles and dropping the 60/40 seat makes it even easier. Plus the other consideration is the wife is expecting our first so hoping to get pushchair and baby gear in without any troubles!

    Its a lease car via salary sacrifice but the a3 spec was nearly £200 / mth cheaper than my a5, and nearly £100 / mth cheaper than the a4!

    Ordered it on 27th Nov and Im just waiting for a delivery date, hope its not too long as the lease company have told me there are 'long waits' on all audi models of up to 7 or 8 months!

    Went for 2.0 TDI S - Line Spec
    Daytona Grey
    Deletion of model & engine
    Tyre Pressure Monitor
    Comfort Pack (cruise control, rear parking sensors, light & rain sensors, auto dimming rear view mirror)

    Thanks again for your help and advice.
  2. Jeff777LUFC

    Jeff777LUFC Member

    Nice - congratulations on both counts!

    You will be in for a bit of a wait, I ordered 3 weeks ago and was given an estimate of end March. Don't like the sound of 7 or 8 months though, it's a bad enough wait already.
  3. MiT

    MiT Work Hard, Play harder!!

    nice dude

    am just in the process of ordering mine, i hope it aint 7-8 months long!
  4. sunscreemer

    sunscreemer Back with the 4 rings

    For a 3dr Quattro admittedly, but i've been quoted week 18 build, delivery end May/early June. Considering waiting until early next year to see if any special editions become available and I may even plump for the Sportback myself. Hope yours arrives quickly and is as good as expected!

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