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Order placed - 1.6 Sport TDI Sportback - Amalfi White

Chester Draws Dec 19, 2012

  1. Chester Draws

    Chester Draws Member

    Bit of a long story but thought you might be interested in my decision process .

    I was originally looking at a 3dr 1 series BMW 116d M Sport prior to the launch of the new Audi A3 or maybe the Sport with the auto option as I preferred the interior of the BMW at the time but then I got told no 3 dr cars allowed - nothing mentioned on our company car policy about this but no point in trying to make a point about it. Both the BMW and Audi 3 dr models have bigger doors than the 5 dr models and as I am 6 ft ish found the 'b' pillars in the way a bit .
    Anyway, back to the dealerships to look at 5 dr versions of each. By luck the demo A3 Sportback was at Portsmouth Audi so had a good look at that and then popped across the forecourt to the BMW garage and then back again. Still preferred the interior of the BMW but could see the Audi was a bit bigger inside and with a bigger boot for our mutely . By this point I had my heart set on one or the other as I wanted a quality small car now the kids have grown up rather than a bigger Ford etc. I could see that satnav was now a freebie with the Audi if I got in quick so then started to look into the BIK , mpg and Co2 etc .

    The 1.6 Audi is only 13% tax against the BMW of 17% , added to this the Audi does more mpg and has a lower list price so less BIK. This meant that I could pay more per month and get better extra's but still pay less tax and pay less in petrol so therefore decision made.

    Based on what I was allowed to spend per month I have gone for :

    1.6 TDI Sport Sportback in Amalfi White

    Tech Pack
    DAB Radio
    Audio Sound System
    Comfort Pack

    I was not too bothered about a metallic and preferred to spend the money on the inside bits . The same applies to the 1.6 , I know the 2.0 Ltr is more popular but that would mean less goddies again.

    I imagine April delivery and will keep you posted,


    ps - just a thought , should I have driven one first !!
  2. James P

    James P New Member

    Got delivery of mine (1.6 TDI S Line) early in December. Car is beautifully finished- but engine has underwhelmed me. Realistic fuel ecomomy is closer to 54mpg- a far cry from Audi's claimed 74! Take a drive first is my advice, and don't believe the running in ****- after 3,000 miles mines performing the same as the day I drove it out of the showroom.
  3. Chester Draws

    Chester Draws Member

    James , I only went for the 1.6 due to the fact I do a lot of miles , it is lower tax and the saving allowed me to spend the saving on more toys . It will also mean I probably drive a bit slower which is no bad thing . I will also save on the congestion charge in London as well , so taking all these into account I think I made the correct choice for my requirements .

  4. hittchy

    hittchy Active Member

    Sounds very nice. I'm about to order a sportback but probably consigned to a June delivery according to the dealer.

    Interesting you found the BMW interior better. It's usually the other way around in most reviews.

    You'll be glad you chose Audi on the first day of snow though!
  5. Ben (T25) Ruz

    Ben (T25) Ruz Audi Virgin

    I ordered an A3 1.6tdi sport sportback also for similar reasons to all you above I.e. fuel price, needing to drive slower and the fact my 3series BMW is a NIGHTMARE in the winter. I am now concerned at your comments on mpg....the 320d BMW quoted 56mpg and I get 50ish if careful so I was hoping for at least 65ish since the A3 gumph quoted 74mpg.

    Ben....trying not to be regretting before its even arrived!

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