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Orangio's A4 b7

Orangio Mar 11, 2012

  1. Orangio

    Orangio Member

    Hi guys

    I wanted to log the progress of things that i have done/going to do in the future, never really done one of these before so why not give it a go..

    I've had my A4 for around 5 months now, previous to this I owned a MK5 Astra 1.8 SRI so going to an A4 was a nice step up :)

    Mods so far:
    DTUK Tuning box
    A5 style DRL Bi-Xenons
    Window tints all round
    19" Polished RS4 alloys
    De-badged rear


    Next on the list:
    Lower suspension (not decided on springs or go all out on coilovers)
    Change headlights to OEM Bi-Xenons
    S4 chrome mirror covers

    Thanks for looking!
  2. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    nice auto mobile!
    i am liking them rims more and more every time i see them!
    has it been lowered?
  3. Orangio

    Orangio Member

    Thanks mate

    Nar its standard i think. The ride quality is ****e so dont think it could get worse if i lowered it lol

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