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optional bodykit and 4wd

youngdriver Nov 14, 2004

  1. youngdriver

    youngdriver New Member

    My dad is after a 2000 Audi A4. We have seen some on the road with a bodykit, are they the quattro sport models?
    He also definetly wants 4wd, if an A4 is quattro does that mean that it has 4wd?

    Also can you buy an early 2.5tdi 163bhp with 4wd?

  2. Danielson

    Danielson Member

    hi, bodkit is optional, about 1200 quid from audi fitted, quattro is 4wd, sport has sport susp, steering wheel and seats, dunno about the diseal, i thought they were 150, may be 163 in later cars. hope ive helped a lil.
  3. Audination

    Audination Member

    Hi there is only one car with 4wd and that is the quattro well unless you count the s series but thats an expensive bit of kit. The car your dad is after is the b5 quattro sport 2.5tdi 150bhp available up to 2001, mind there wont be many of these about, i would suggest getting a 2.5 quattro and fit the gmbh body kit which should give the desired effect.. the latest version or should i say the version after that, the b6 is 180bhp from 2001. Hope this helps.

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