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Option choice on a new A6... DAB? Wheels? Comfort plus?

PeteBSK Jul 4, 2005

  1. PeteBSK

    PeteBSK Member

    ..ok... further to my previous post about family size and getting 3 kiddies in the A6 Avant... we do only have two children at the moment, so the option to sit a third can be erm... parked... so let's say I go and buy an A6 anyway... ;-)

    What options have people gone for on the new shape (C6?)? The standard spec. is fairly comprehensive.. but are you guys generally getting things like Comfort Plus Air Conditioning (surprised they don't offer digital Climate as standard)?

    On the entertainment front... I can't justify £700 for a TV that can only be watched when the car is stationary .. and the BOSE option looks expensive for what it is (it was in the demo car and I wasn't overly impressed), but how about DAB? Does anyone on the forums have the Audi DAB radio module? Or DAB generally in a car? Does it work ok and is it worth the expense over standard radio?

    Lastly, wheels... I read from other threads that all the S-Line lot are perched up high on (very nice looking!) 18" wheels and there is also quite a cheap option to upgrade these to 19".... as I said though, I'm not going for S-Line and with the kiddies in the back, just want something comfortable... if I stick with the standard 16" wheels, do they look too small in those huge wheel arches? Or should I go for 17"ers? The demo car at the audi dealer had 17" wheels and the ride was superb...

    Any comments appreciated... might order this car, this week and the options list is quite daunting... and you can NEVER demo/get good advice on particular options from the dealers (in my experience); if it's not on their demo car, they don't seem to know about it... (i.e. the DAB radio option).



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