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opinions wanted please

mark7 Jul 20, 2011

  1. mark7

    mark7 Member

    Hi guys
    Right, i've got a 55 plate 2.0T 3 door s line, but it has the sport bumpers.
    I was looking into changing the front to the s line bumper with a fk black grill.
    But the more i look at the s line bumper compared to my sport i dont know if there is all that much difference compared to the cost and how difficult it seems to source a decent one.??

    I'm def going to change the grill for complete black but retain the chrome rings.
    What do you guys think? Worth a full bumper/grill convertion? Or just go for the black grill?
    End of the day i know its just an opinion, i'm just interested on what other people would do.
    BTW the car is akoya silver, as i know peoples opinions will differ on the black grill regarding which colour the actual car is.
  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    I'd say worth it - the s-line bumper is superior than the sport and a lot smoother looking.

    You have the lips at the bottom and there are no raised areas between the fog grills and head lights. It is just a much nicer bumper to be honest and a well worth mod!

    Instead of the FK grill though, I would stick with OEM and get Audi's own Optics Pack grill.

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