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Opinions please?

s4mark Nov 12, 2009

  1. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    Hi everyone.
    After a 2 year absence from the Audi scene I am now back with my 51 reg S3. I am looking to have it remapped shortly after xmas and was just after a bit of advice or other members opinions as to what is available.

    I had my A4 1.8T Revo remapped and was impressed with the end product but with so many others out there was just wondering how other people have got on with theirs.

    I am strongly considering going to see Doug at MRC as I took my B5 S4 there for a health check and the man is quite simply a genius lol and have heard his custom remaps are very good.

    Also I keep hearing about 007 dv's. Should I change to one of these or is there not a huge benefit.

    Thanks for all your help. Once again, it's great to be back on here!:thumbsup:

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