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Opinions needed please. Any mechanics in here?

imported_AudiOwner96 Sep 17, 2004

  1. I know this topic has come up before and I have searched through the forums and read the posts but I am looking for a slightly different answer.

    I bought a 1996 1.8 t spt a year ago 108k on the clock. It looks absolutely mint probably due to the deep green metallic paint but thats another story..

    About 2 months ago it started creaking at the front, this esculated into a very embarrasing sound that caused heads to turn at slow speeds. nightmare. I find out there was a re-call on something to do with the suspension so took it to the audi dealer who said there was nothing wrong with the part which was recalled ( I think it was the bearing arms ).

    Still creaking. Took it for a service at the dealer, To cut a long story short Audi Oxford told me I needed the the whole of the suspension replacing, front and back, at a cost of £1150! but it would take them a month to order the parts in. I was advised by a friend to take it to a (trusted) local garage. The guy there said only the front suspension needed replacing and he would also uprate the bushes to some polyeurathane ones as the standard Audi ones are **** (in his opinion). He could have the parts in by the following day!?!

    Had the work done a few days later, on the bill from the garage it says - 2 new control arms 2 new upper rear arms (nothing about the new bushes?) I also had new discs and brakes all round and a new head gasket cover - which bought the cost up to 800.

    Next day still slight creaking, a week on it's creaking again! Before it was a loud hollow metallic kind of sound. now it is more of a squeaky wimpering (only noticable at slow speeds) which turns into a metallic creaking when i turn the wheels. It also creaks when I turn the wheels when the car is stationary. and sometimes creaks when I push down on the right side front when the vehicle is stationary.

    The worst is when you are going along slowly on a bumpy track. I have to do this every day to get to my office. going along at about 10mph on an off road track and the front constantly whines and wimpers and creaks when i turn the wheel. It's embarrasing if anyones around.

    Does anyone know what this could be, I wouldnt mind going back to the garage with a few suggestions to the mechanic. Is this something that can be fixed? will i ever have a car that doesnt creak at all?

    Thanks in advance for your responces.
  2. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Tell the garage that the noise is still there and that they have to fix it as you paid them to do a job and they have done it unsuccessfuly. They told you what needed replacing to sort it out but the noise is still there so they gave you false information.

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