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opinions needed on car audio equipment

darkspin Apr 25, 2006

  1. darkspin

    darkspin Member

    im looking to get a system done for my car and got a quote done from one of the local car audio shops and they suggested that i go with a Directed D2400 amp to drive the subwoofer and the 12" sub would either be a Rockford, Orion or Directed one however im not familiar with these manufacturers so i was wondering if anyone esle has first hand experience with these and what you would recommend and whether these makes are good quality equipment.

    Also, i was told if i go with a Directed amp i wont need to get to access to it really because i can control the gains from a remote control that i can have in the cabin. Is this true? i had a look on their website but didnt see it mentioned.

    thanks in advance
  2. imported_ZeroK66

    imported_ZeroK66 Guest

    Rockford is a well known brand... Rockford Fosgate that is... the others I have not heard of. Not my fortay though...

    Speak with the boys on www.talkaudio.co.uk

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