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opening up the back of the front seat

gruf Dec 1, 2008

  1. gruf

    gruf Member

    [​IMG] opening up the back of the front seat
    im stuck and need some help so I'm back again coz i know you know best,
    i have bought headrest TV screens but i need to thread the wires through the seat, i have the seat out and in the front room but i cant get the back off the front seat open, could someone tell me how to do this, i have leather sports seats quattro 1996, please help.
  2. bigwhitetruck

    bigwhitetruck New Member

    You need to realise the covers from the base of the seat back

    or they may have hard backs in which case the will unscrew at the base and slide up to remove

    a quick way is to use a welding rod or the rare wire coat hanger and push that through the hole

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