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Only one key with car

AndyCollins May 12, 2004

  1. AndyCollins

    AndyCollins Member

    Hi guys

    I have just purchased a 99 A4 from a independent dealer. Unfortunately, on collecting the Car I found that it only had one key. The three button remote type. After pointing this out to the dealer he promised to contact the previous owner to obtain the other keys. I am not convinced that he will come up with the goods so have been in touch with Bristol Audi. They say that a spare key will cost £110 to purchase and then £37 to program. They claim that when they program the new key they also reprogram the immobiliser and the existing key, thus rendering the missing key useless. They also claim that not having the plastic service key or code tag is no problem, and that they are commonly lost. If I have to go ahead with this option I intend passing the cost onto the dealer, as surely it is not unreasonable to expect two keys when spending £7,500 on a car. I would just like to confirm that what Bristol Audi are telling me is true, or if it is just a line to get me to cough up £150 in their establishment. Obviously I am not happy about the idea of a key floating around somewhere that would allow someone to drive off in my car.

    Any advice would be gratefully received

  2. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    I don't know. It is always expensive to do these things through Audi.

    There was a tech article that explained how to do it yourself. I'll check and post it if I find it.
  3. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    Reprogramming Audi Switchblade Keys by: Craig Liess 2000

    The previous FAQ entry on this item had some mistakes (and it confused the hell out of me) so I decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and add a few tips and pointers.

    I'd imagine these directions will work on any A4/S4 with the "switchblade" keys. If you own a TT, A6, or A8 with these keys, try and see if the directions below work, and e-mail me your results.

    These directions will allow you to reprogram your remote-control "switchblade" keys to full functionality. The '00 S4 manual claims that if you press the buttons too many times outside the range of the car, the key will deprogram itself. I don't know the reasoning behind this.

    You will need BOTH of your "switchblade" keys to reprogram one or both of them.

    1. Take the key you DO NOT want to program and put it in the ignition. Turn it one click forward.
    2. Close and lock the drivers door with the second key.
    3. On the second key (the one in the drivers door) press the 'UNLOCK' button ONCE only. The lights will flash on the car, but the doors will remain locked
    4. With the second key still in the drivers door, unlock then lock the door again.
    5. Pull the key from the slot and test remote functions.
    6. Open drivers door, remove key from ignition.
    If both of your remotes don't work, do the above for the first key, but on step #3, press the 'UNLOCK' button twice. The lights will flash twice, then continue on with step #4.
  4. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    If you are looking for a alarm(with or without key/uncut) i would try ebay, they go for a lot cheaper there than a dealer and most of the time the person you buy if from will give you the directions on how to reprogram the key yourself. just check with the seller for the reprograming.
  5. teknobod

    teknobod Member

    Those instructions are purely for coding the remote locking.

    The car needs to be taken to the dealer to be reprogrammed, unless you know someone with VAG-COM and have the original 4 digit key security number.
    It used to be possible to get a code from the instrument panel and get a 7 digit code which you could then use with VAG-COM (I reprogrammed mine when I got a new flick key, and yes the first step erases any previously coded keys), but a friend of mine who works for AUDI says that any key reprogramming is now done via a connection to Germany and the dealer has no intervention.

    Hope this helps. Just make sure that the dealer who sold you the car puts it in writing that they will stand the cost of the new key!


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